Advanced lessons for Cello as well as intermediate lessons for piano

Theory Lessons

Composition Lessons

Piano B&W

Teaching Cello and Piano at Virginia Beach

A bit about my pedagogy: My undergraduate piano teacher told me that, rather than adhering to one strict series of books, each student within the piano pedagogy has different needs. Dr. Cranmer inspired me to develop a curriculum that included repertoire from varying authors for each student. My cello teacher, Lorne Munroe, told me stories about Bernstein’s “Young People’s Concerts.” I took these ideas into the studio in the form of theory and composition lessons.



Words given by students and their parents - some play casually, another has recently performed at Carnegie Hall!


Sarah was the first piano teacher for both of our daughters, who each have very different personalities, and she was absolutely wonderful for both girls. Teaching a 5-year-old any new skill is a challenge, but training a child to master the motor skills of playing a keyboard instrument, while simultaneously laying the foundation for reading and understanding written music, is quite an undertaking. Ms. Sarah has a gentle, kind, non-intimidating nature. This, combined with boundless patience and a genuine enthusiasm for teaching, allows her to encourage young students to do their best. If your child has expressed an interest in learning to play, Sarah is a wonderful choice to set them on the path to a life of music!

Mike D.

Sarah came to our home to give piano lessons to 4 of my children for a number of years. Not only was she a fantastic teacher, but took the time to develop friendships with each one of my kids. Encouraging them in each of their endeavors. I highly recommend her!

Ruth M.

Sarah is a wonderful teacher and any student of hers is very lucky to have such a committed, positive and engaged teacher. Our daughter, Sophie, loved piano but was getting bored with her lessons with another instructor. The owner of our local music shop recommended Sarah and I couldn’t have been happier. Sarah recognized Sophie's strengths and tailored the lessons to what she needed and the music Sophie loved. Instead of quitting piano, our daughter found new joy in playing and continued filling our house with music. Sarah went beyond just giving piano lessons and guided our daughter into exploring music composition as well outside of her piano lessons. Sarah truly cares about each of her students and the work she does with them is amazing. I highly recommend her!

Donya G.

I was an adult student of Sarah Lantz for 2 years before moving to Florida. Sarah is a superb cellist and a wonderful, thoughtful teacher who introduced me to the cello, provided me with much needed instruction on music theory and also gave me piano lessons. She arranged for recitals that gave her students an opportunity to perform on stage in front of an audience twice each year. She was very patient with everyone which I especially appreciated because I had no prior experience with any musical instrument before receiving the cello as a Christmas gift from my wife. I would highly recommend Sarah Lantz as an experienced music teacher for both children and adults interested in playing cello or piano.

Rex E.

"Sarah's passion for music and deep empathy for her students makes her an ideal music teacher."

Edmond T.



Undergraduate: Magna Cum Laude

Undergraduate Degree in Cello Performance from West Chester University of PA. Minor in Piano and Voice.

Master's Degree: Summa Cum Laude

Master's Degree in Music History from the Hartt Conservatory (Thesis pending, topic: Sir Michael Tippett's String Quartet No. 5, metaphysics and the works of T.S. Eliot)


Vocational, Educational, as well as tours and other honors held

Teaching Assistant

Assisted Professor Ira Braus in teaching as part of a graduate scholarship.

Troubadour Music

In charge of teaching cello and piano students from ages 3 - 92 years old. Pedagogy depended on the individual traits of each student. Some showed a gift in composition, and so we would lean heavily on theory in order to form musical works all their own. My pleasure to sure at the Troubadour for seven years.  My boss, Downing Jacob, can be reached at (717) 471-1922

Music and Arts

I spent two years teaching cello at Music and Arts.  It was one of the more intensive jobs I've had because it is such a hands-on experience.  Having come from a more piano-oriented vocation, this was a challenge that I enjoyed rising up to.  By the end of the first quarter, I had a hang of it and felt more comfortable reaching out to great cellists for their input, in order to form the best pedagogy I could.  I worked with such renowned cellists as Ken Kubota and Nadege Rochat, who were so very helpful. My gratitude toward them cannot be written in words.  With this new educational soup, I've been able to help my students more than ever.  I plan to keep going to workshops,  and provide my students with a stage upon which to perform.  Teaching (and performing) music has become my passion, and I'll keep learning so that my students learn in turn.

Derek Barnes

I studied with Principal Cello Teacher Derek Barnes, of the Philadelphia orchestra, from 1999-2002

Lorne Munroe

Former instructor at the Juilliard School; former principal cellist of Philadelphia Orchestra under Ormandy and former Principal cellist of NY Philharmonic under Bernstein.  Loved to share stories of his musical life as part of his pedagogy.

Dr. Carl Cranmer

DMA and graduate studies at the Juilliard School

Hans Jörgen Jensen

Trained with Hans Jorgen Jensen, professor of cello at Northwestern University during the winter and spring of 2020. Also audited his course on cello pedagogy and wrote a paper on "Practice Without Distraction: A Clarification of Mindful Metacognition."

Tour through  Europe

Performed works by Czech composers such as Janacek and Dvorak. Performances held in Dvorak Hall in Prague, as well as Brno. Toured with Tchaikovsky and Respighi while in Milan, Rome and Florence.

Studies in Oxford

Thanks to a Dean's scholarship, studied the works of contemporary composer, James McVoy. Performed Bach's

first prelude in G at Harris Manchester Chapel, as well as various other chamber works.


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